The RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE is intended for drilling medium to large and heavy work pieces. The machine consists of a heavy , round and vertical column mounted on a large base. The column supports a radial arm which can raised and lowered to accommodate work pieces of different heights. The arm may be swing around to any position over the work bed.The drill head containing mechanism for rotating and feeding the drill is mounted on a radial arm and can be moved horizontally on the guide ways and clamped at any desired position. These three movements in a radial drilling machine when combined together permit the drill to be located at any desired point on a large work piece, for drilling the hole. When several holes are drilled on a large work piece, the position of the arm and the drill head is altered so that the drill spindle may be moved from one position to the other after drilling the hole without altering the setting of the work. This versatility of the machine allows it to work as large work pieces. The work my be mounted on the table or when the work is very large it may be placed on the floor.


The different parts of RADIAL DRILLING MACHINE have been illustrated in above photograph, They are as follows.

BASE: The base of a radial drilling machine is a large rectangular casting that is finished on its top to support a column on its one end and to hold the work table at the other end. In sime machines T-Slots are provided on the base for clamping work when it serves as a table. In some machines two or more number of bases are provided. when drilling is done on a job supported on any one of the bases, another job may be set up on the other for a continuous production.

COLUMN: The column is a cylindrical casting that is mounted vertically at one end of the base. It supports the radial arm which may slide up or down on its face. An electric motor is mounted on the top of the column which imparts vertical adjustment of the arm by rotatiing a screw passing through a nut attached to the arm

RADIAL ARM: The radial arm that is mounted on the column extends horizontally over the base.It is a massive casting with its front vertical face accurately machined to provide guide ways on which the drill head may be made to slide. The arm may be swung round the column. In some machines this movements is controlled by a separate motor.

DRILL HEAD: The Radial drill head is mounted on the radial arm and drives the drill spindle. It encloses all the mechanism for driving the drill at multiple speed and at different feed. All the mechanisms and controls are housed within a small drill head which may be made to slide on the guide ways of the arm for adjusting the position of drill spindle with respect to the work. After the spindle has been properly adjusted in position the drill head is clamped on the radial arm.

SPINDLE DRIVE AND FEED MECHANISM: There are two common methods of driving the spindle. A constant speed motor is mounted at the extreme end of the radial drilling arm which balances partially the weight of the overhanging arm. The motor drives a horizontal spindle which runs along the length of the arm and the motion is transmitted to the drill head through bevel gears. By train of gearing within the drill head, the speed of the spindle may be varied. Through another train of gearing within the drill head. different feeds of the spindle are obtained. In some machines, a vertical motor is fitted directly on the drill head and through gear box multiple speed and the feed of the spindle can be obtained.

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